Hello Lovelies and welcome to a new read. Skin types and skin conditions is a topic that I always misunderstood in my earlier years. I thought it was all the same, I mean, an unhealthy is an unhealthy skin, right?The key component to healthy skin is the identification of skin types and conditions, this for me is key to successfully select effective cosmetic products for a glowing, younger and healthy skin. There are many subtle variations to skin types and conditions as there are human beings. In most cases, individuals have a combination of skin types plus one or more skin conditions. Cosmetic products are generally formulated to address specific situations or at least that is what they are supposed to do.SKIN TYPES:Skin types are the result of oil gland functioning and can be classified into three categories: Normal, Oily & Dry skin ( there will be a post about each one later).  In most cases whereby individuals have a combination of skin types such as an oily T-zone ( around the eyes, nose, and chin) and normal cheeks, these skin types can occur in varying degrees, such as very dry or very oily, slightly oily or slightly dry, one person’s skin can be oily and dry.Tip: a person having oily skin and all of a sudden being dry, is an oily skin type that is losing moisture because of overdrying ( caused excessive use of soap/scrubs in attempt to reduce the amount of oil secretion). Here We have an oily skin type, but the dryness is a skin condition referred to as dehydration, a lack of water moisture. As the skin has oil from the glands and water from the intercellular channels, both are important for its beauty and for retarding the aging processThe main characteristics of an individual skin type reflect the structural and functional changes of the skin. I have experienced normal skin, oily and dry skin at different ages.SKIN CONDITIONS: Skin conditions, on the other hand, develop over time and apply to all three skin types ( with the exception of acne). The most common skin conditions are Dehydration, Couperose, Sensitivity, Pigmentation, Aging, Acne, Vulgaris and Rosacea ( more in-depth in a later post on each condition).Skin conditions develop for a variety of reasons, from low water content in the skin; excessive production of corneum; a poor skin metabolism; free radical damage; unbalanced or excessive melanin production, improper daily skin care, excessive sun exposure and use of tanning beds; and a lack of protection from the environments, including the sun. One may experience different skin conditions at different times of your life. As I did before, My experience was dehydration, skin sensitivity,  and in recent years Acne ( the worst), after acne came pigmentation. Mastering your skin routine is a lifetime process, as our body and skin changes as we get older, the environments with climate change, also affect our skin health and we must learn to adjust to the changes along the way.What is your skin type & Skin condition? What has your experience been with your skin? Thanks for the read & Welcome back soon 🙂 Love & Light Nafsibotanical    


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