Hello Lovelies & welcome to another post on skin types. 🙂Normal skin type:Normal skin has perfect hydration, muscle tone, and resilience produced by moisture and the adipose tissues. There is strong biological activity at the basal layer, blood circulation is active, and the metabolism is balanced. This Skin type is actually on my wish list lol.Normal skin looks soft, moist, plump and dewy, and has a healthy glow and color, the corneum layer shows fine texture and no visible wrinkles, fine lines, or open pores. For example: A skin of a child from birth: the oil glands functioning at a normal rate of secretion. imagesDeterioration of normal skin:Aging due to the passage of time, sun exposure – and other external elements such as harsh climate, dehydration, and poor care are the primary factor that causes the deterioration of normal skin. Other factors include insufficient water intake and inadequate diet. For devoid of vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids does not provide the cells with the nourishment necessary for cellular reproduction and growth.Improper skin care, such as lack of cleansing,, the use of harsh soaps and scrubs, climate, and environment contribute to the deterioration of normal skin. Sun exposure and exposure to the elements without protection dries, dehydrate, and ages the points/ Tips: 

  • Normal skin requires proper morning and evening cleansing and protection from oxidation caused by free radicals.
  • The use of protective moisturizer during the day to prevent moisture loss and hydration creams at night is essential.
  • Moisturizer should contain: Antioxidants such as Vitamins E, and C
  • Occasional exfoliation is also beneficial, and Sun protection is extremely important. The key for normal skin is damage prevention.

8162163_origHolistic viewpoint: You have ideal skin active metabolism. The downside is that it is sensitive to seasonal changes in the climate. The food you eat, the supplements you take, your cosmetics should be part of the program/ routine. If for example, your face appears to be less firm than usual, in this case, it’s important to pay attention to both your skin and the underlying muscles. So applying skin care products ( cosmetics) isn’t enough to cope with the problem. Adopting a holistic approach, one that goes beyond the superficial layer that is  targeted by most cosmetics will improve your skin condition. Also Consuming water, vegetables, and fruits on a daily, Vitamins C and E and Calcium are especially important for skin beauty.See you on the next post, until then have a lovely weekend.Love & LightNafsibotanical   

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