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Acne vulgaris is a condition that I experienced not too long ago and it went on for about 3 years. I was clueless about skincare and products at the time so you can imagine my fear; I used every and any product that had something about ACNE on the packaging, but NOTHING worked permanently for me. I was confused, sad, insecure, the list could go on, and I can definitely say that it was by far, one of the worst experiences EVER. The great thing that came out of the experience is that it lead me to the journey of holistic health, Natural lifestyle, natural/ Green Beauty.I will be sharing more on my experience and healing process in details, in the near future. However, Today I will leave you with a few pictures, just to show you how serious it was.The condition acne is commonest in adolescents, but sometimes persisting well into the twenties- this is due to over activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin combined with a bacterial infection. too much of the oily substance, sebum, is poured onto the surface of the skin. Dirt from the environment, particles from clothing, and dead skin cells which continually flake off from the surface of the skin stick to the sebum and form a breeding ground for bacteria. pores become blocked, forming blackhead, and become infected causing the familiar spots. Liquid speeds from these and infects the surrounding tissues.Acne condition is recognized by small infection spots and pustules; it can either be numerous or sparse. Acne is the combined result of four elements: the skin androgen hormones, excessive cellular keratinization, and agglomeration in the corneum layer and sebaceous follicle, oil production, and overpopulation of a bacteria known as the Propionibacterium acnes ( P. acnes)NB: Other types of acne, such as cystic and rosacea, should be referred to a dermatologist.Skin with acne vulgaris is oily, and in many cases, it may look improperly cared for, with blackhead, whitehead, and clogged pores. Factors that aggravate acne:Factors to aggravate acne include but not limited to; excessive oiliness, a failure to thoroughly remove oil and dirt from the skin, hormonal imbalances, hyperkeratinization, food allergies and sensitivities, lack of vitamins, insufficient acidity in the skin. Acne can also be aggravated by climatic condition, especially heat and humidity, which increase bacterial development; the use of too many astringents and drying cosmetics; improper diet; stress; and picking the face  (this is high key my personal struggle 😦 my fingers are always on my face picking ).Skincare tips: Those with acne should emphasize cleansing carefully, and skin hydration. The most effective products are those with ingredients that regulate oil gland, secretion, hydrate, heal, balance the skin’s pH, soothe, reduce inflammation, are antibacterial, and gently exfoliate excessive layers of corneocytes.

  • essential oils are used to treat the skin externally to help clear infection and reduce the amount of sebum produced. Lavender– is soothing and healing properties; also promotes the growth of healthy new skin and ti-tree are both bactericidal. These oils can be used in facial massage ( ALWAYS DILUTE IN A CARRIER OIL), can also be mixed into creams, cleansing or toning lotion
  • Massage may help to stimulate the circulation and help the body to eliminate toxins
  • non-toxic diet



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