Hello & Welcome :)Through the years I have fallen in love with learning traditional, ancient rituals for beauty from mother earth. TCM is one fascinating tradition and there is something new to learn every day.Acne in Traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM) is considered a disease primarily related to the Pathogenic influence of heat and damp heat that affects the meridians, Zang Fu organs, and Fundamental Substances, providing the substratum that allows acne to occur. This heat may be a product of poor diet, stress, overwork, a congenital condition, or the natural ascendances of Yang energy, this is typical in adolescence.In TCM, acne is may be caused by the dysfunction of the lungs, stomach, large intestines, liver and kidneys.The lungs govern the skin and defend the body against external pathogenic (disease-causing) factors. When the lungs are weak – due to a weak constitution and chronic illnesses – external pathogenic factors such as “wind”, “heat” and “dampness” can invade the skin. This triggers flushed cheeks, red and itchy pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and heavy breathing.the kidneys control reproduction, growth, and development. A balance of yin – which is associated with coldness and moisture – and yang – which is linked to heat and dryness – is required for good health.The stomach receives and digests food. When the stomach is weak – due to the consumption of alcohol, a poor diet, and heavy meals, and keeping late nights – the food will stagnate in the stomach, creating “heat”. This triggers indigestion, bloatedness, constipation, pimples on the forehead, greasy skin and itchiness.The liver controls the circulation of qi (energy). A good flow of qi and blood is required for good health. Negative emotions, such as anger, depression, fear or stress, will cause qi in the liver to stagnate and create “fire”. This leads to the outbreak of acne, lumps on the surface of the skin, fullness in the lower abdomen, and pain in different parts of the body.The major signs and symptoms of the common Heat Patterns of Disharmony, differentiated by location on the body, are as follows:

  • Lung Heat: Symptoms include acne with a predominance of lesions on the forehead and near the nose. There may be slight itching as well. In cases with a rapid onset of new lesions, the patient may complain of chills or sensitivity to Wind. The patient may have an aversion to heat and feel thirsty. The tongue is generally red with a thin yellow coat, and the pulse may be rapid and floating.
  • Stomach Heat: Symptoms include acne with a predominance of lesions around the mouth and on the chest, shoulders, and back. The patient may have an aversion to heat; have a large appetite and thirst; and prefer greasy, spicy foods. There may be a tendency to pass dry stools as well. The tongue is usually red with a thick yellow coating, and the pulse is rapid and forceful.
  • Toxic Heat: Symptoms include severe acne, strongly inflamed with pus-filled nodules and much reddening of the skin around the lesions. The patient may have an aversion to heat as well and may complain of malaise. The tongue is generally red with a dry yellow coating, and the pulse is rapid.
  • Damp Heat: Symptoms include acne composed of deep, pus-filled, inflamed nodules. The skin usually is oily, and the patient may have an aversion to heat. He or she may be thirsty but have no desire to take fluids. The tongue generally is red or crimson, with a greasy or sticky coating. The pulse is rapid and may have slippery or wiry qualities as well.
  • Blood Heat: Symptoms include acne that is accompanied by a flushed face and strong aversion to heat. The patient may complain of thirst, dark urine, and dry stools. The tongue usually is red (with a redder tip) and has a yellow coating, or may be crimson in color. The pulse usually is rapid and thin.

TREATMENT:An herbal prescription for skin disorders usually consists of up to 16 herbs that are cooked together to make a potent brew for internal use and facial steam, massages. Over the next 2-4 months depending on the patient or the treatment methods. If the herbs are doing the job, patients will experience the return of healthy, glowing beautiful skin. Some cases are easy, cut and dry. Others are more tricky and require refining and adjusting through the process. Severe cases can sometimes take up to a year to stabilize. True skin healing takes time because skin regenerates itself every 28 days and we are working with this natural turnover process.for more on acne ACNE VULGARIS CONDITION!Thanks for stopping by, and until next time as always,Love & Light!Nafsi Botanical


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