Hello Lovelies & Welcome to another post. In this post, we are getting into Couperose skin condition.Couperose is a skin condition that occurs primarily as a result of poor elasticity in the capillary. This happens when there is a sudden rush of blood because of blushing, excessive heat or other stimuli, the capillaries expand, making room for the increase of blood. The capillaries contract to their normal size when the amount of blood recedes.Definition: Capillaries are blood vessels that form networks throughout the bodily tissues; it is through the capillaries that oxygen nutrients and wastes are exchanged between the blood and the tissues.depositphotos_60338433-stock-illustration-couperoseIf the capillary wall is not sufficiently elastic, it will expand but not contract again to its original shape or size, and this lead to the distended capillary, that will hold blood cells within its structure, giving the appearance of diffuse or local redness.Couperose can be temporary or chronic redness appearing on the face, areal on the face such as: on the cheeks, around the nose, and sometimes on the chin. It appears as small, dilated, sending, bright red blood vessels. Couperose is aggravated by atmospheric conditions such as hot or cold climates, digestive disorders, saunas, exercises that causes the face to turn very red, alcohol, blushing, spicy food and excessive sun exposure.How to care for Couperose skin:

  • Make sure that skin with this condition is not exposed to excessively hot or cold water.
  • Creams or Lotions that helps strengthen the capillary walls will be helpful.
  • Products with soothing, vasoconstrictive ingredients are beneficial.
  • Botanical ingredients of benefit include but not limited to; grape; horse chestnut; st. John’s wort, for anti-inflammatory activity, and acacia, for its soothing capacities.
  • This condition is mostly visible on skins with a lighter complexion.

 Thanks for stopping by & as always,Love & Light!Nafsi Botanical


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