Hello lovelies and welcome to another post:)Skin aging is a complex, biological process affecting various layer of the skin, meanly the dermis, and includes a modification of genetic material. Aging skin condition is a process where the skin may deteriorate in a number of ways with age/time. The outermost, visible layer of the skin ( the epidermis) is composed entirely of dead cells, and the health and appearance of the skin depend to large degree on the layer of new cells constantly growing beneath radical damageAmong the events that occur in this process are:

  • Deficiency in the nutritional components within the different tissues, cellular destruction through excessive sun exposure,
  • The effect of free radicals on the cellular membrane
  • A deterioration in the genetic programming of the DNA
  • A decrease in cellular proliferation

The impact on skin tissue is a loss of elasticity, a reduced ability to regulate water, and less efficient replication or renewal process.The rate of renewal cell may slow with Age ( cytophylactic essential oils – Neroli and lavender stimulate healthy new cell growth and both suitable for older skin. The production of sebum is a natural oil which lubricates the skin, is at its peak in adolescence, and slowly decline thereafter. Most skins become less oily as they grow older.Aging skin is characterized by a thick stratum corneum with a thin epidermis and dermis, it suffers an accentuation of lines and wrinkles as a result of increased dryness and dehydration caused by skin thinning and reduced oil gland activity. The complexion looks withered, melanin production diminishes.collagen-skinAging skin can be recognized by:

  • Poor elasticity
  • Lack of normal firmness
  • Sagging due to the loosening of collagen and elastin in the dermis
  • Aging slow down cell proliferation
  • Skin thickness decreases with age ( about 6 percent of its thickness every 10 on average

Skin Aging can be grouped into two categories:

  1. Intrinsic or chronological aging: results from the passage of time, and is the slow irreversible process of tissue degeneration. This is linked to the transformation of connective tissue and the decrease of cellular regeneration.
  2. Extrinsic aging is referred to as photoaging because it is primarily due to sun (UV) exposure; which damages or destroys cellular reproductive abilities and degenerates collagen. This process characteristics include but not limited to fine lines and wrinkles, roughness, pigmentation, couperose, actinic keratosis, and skin cancer. Other factors that can cause or accelerate extrinsic aging are exposure to outdoor elements, stress, and lifestyle choices

Skin aging is also compounded by health problems, such as hormonal imbalances, improper care while young, improper nutrition, which robs the skin of appropriate nourishment for cellular reproduction and growth.glycation_youngskin_mature_skin_mediumTreatment tips:Antiaging treatment one should first protect the skin from free radical formations, and damage by UV protectors and by increasing the skin’s antioxidant levels through antioxidant-rich products.If correction is attempted there should also be a prevention to protect against damages during the day. Jasmine, neroli or rose are massage oil that may help restore the natural balance to some degree, and richer carrier oils such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, peach-kernel on the skin surface may also be helpful in the form of creams as well as a massage oil.Various forms of vitamin A, tiny strings of amino acids that act as a messenger to the cell. Botanical like Apricot for its vitamin A, B, C, and D and antioxidant content. Most important active principles when treating aging skin is to be revitalizing, normalizing, stimulating, and hydrating as well as protective.The rate of renewal of cell may slow with Age ( cytophylactic essential oils – Neroli and lavender stimulate healthy new cell growth and both suitable for older skin. The production of sebum (is a natural oil which lubricates the skin), is at its peak in adolescence, and slowly decline thereafter this leads to most skins become less oily as they grow older.Skin care regime should include:

  • UV protection
  • Hydrating and antioxidant moisturizers
  • Corrective creams/lotions/gel with active principles that stimulate and revitalize skin function, nourish the skin, neutralize damaging chemicals formed in the skin.
  • Weekly use of a mask to aid in the hydration process, and lead to an improved skin complexion and texture.

Older women sometimes experience problems like broken capillaries- oils like chamomile, in cream or lotion apply on the skin daily Parsley or Rose can help diminish them- it may take time to see improvement.Extremes of heat should be avoided, smoking and alcohol. The skin reflects the general health of the body, and everything that contributes to that will delay and minimize the ravages that time makes on the skin; exercise, excellent nutrition, adequate sleep and avoidance of unnecessary pollutants.Thanks for stopping by and as alwaysLove & Light :*Nafsi Botanical 


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