EAT FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN. The union of Skin and Guts part 2!

Hello Lovelies & welcome to another post on The union of Skin and Gut.The Food we eat mainly determine which types of bacteria live in our gut. For example, Bacteroides are more prevalent when the diet is heavy on protein and animal fats, and Prevotella are associated with high-carbohydrate diets. Long -term dietary changes can shift the microbial population.The skin and the guts are inexplicably bound in a relationship with bacteria. Healthy skin and a healthy gut are lined with billions of beneficial microbes. These bacteria boost our immune system and aid in absorbing nutrients.Our skin Continually rebuilds itself with the elements captured from the cosmos, using the food and water that flows through us as fuel and microbial material. What we apply to our skin goes in, circulating with our cells and mingling with our microbes. When we apply the right things, the skin’s ability to absorb is a gift of life, therefore we need to feed our skin with wild and organic ingredients grown in healthy soil, not in pesticides and petroleum oil.Research indicates that probiotics and rebalancing the gut microbiome can inhibit hair loss and solve skin issues. A flourishing bodywide microbiome boosted by probiotics to help regain some of our microbe species and diversity can help skin be less sensitive to UV rays, along with helping the skin maintain the acid mantle and its moisture, preventing cell abnormality, improving vascularization, regulating collagen, and more.For the sake of beauty, we must befriend our good bacteria. This is what unplugs pores perpetually, as blackheads begin in a congested colon, rosacea is linked to leaky guts, and acne arises from oxidization. Good bacteria are the best beautician, by this we let the microbes micromanage our skincare with their beauty-stimulating secretions that clean pores and keep skin strong and supple.Beneficial bacteria beautician:fullsizeoutput_2b64

  • Regulate collagen¨
  • Prevent infections
  • Improve vascularization
  • Regulate innate immunity
  • Maintain acid mantle
  • Prevent cell abnormality
  • Regulate lipids, peptides, sebum
  • Maintain moisture
  • Help heal Burn, scars & wounds
  • Reduce sensitivity to UV
  • Upregulate vitamin D Receptors
  • Communicate with Guts, brain, Hormones, & nerves

Tips for achieving flawless skin:The best way to achieve flawless skin is to maintain a microbiome of beatific bacteria by recovering the integrity of the stratum corneum with soothing serums.

  • Settle sebaceous Glands with jojoba oil botanical.
  • Oil wash will gently stimulate, whisk away dirt and makeup.
  • Use your hands to scrub with natural ingredient soap, and disinfect with tea tree.
  • Unclog pores with stimulation seed masks, cleansing with oil and balancing your digestion.
  • Eat for your microbiome to heal and seal guts

Food to Eat for your microbiome to heal and seal guts:Foods that are bacterial booster are often referred to as “ probiotic”. Digestion-resistant starches are the food preferred by 90 percent of our gut-loving bacteria. These starches pass unchanged all the way through the digestive system to the colon where the bacteria feed on them, digest them, and turn them into a substance that feeds the cells of the colon. Resistant starches also lover inflammation in the colon, which should reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, elevate insulin sensitivity, and balance postmeal blood sugar levels.Few examples of Prebiotic food:kisspng-human-microbiome-project-gastrointestinal-tract-mi-circle-banner-5b2831dd672f28.4267744215293608614227

  • Green bananas
  • Plantain flour
  • Onions, garlic, leeks
  • Cassava
  • Raw asparagus
  • Cooked, cooled potatoes
  • Oats

Studies show Probiotics Benefit skin:

  • Rebuild microbial diversity
  • Boost skin’s innate immunity
  • Strengthen skin barrier
  • Maintain Acid mantle
  • Increase Ceramide and Lipid Production
  • Balance sebaceous Glands
  • Help skin Maintain moisture
  • Harmonize skin to receive sun’s Rays
  • Support Collagen Synthesis
  • Alleviate Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Dermatitis
  • Help Heal Burn, Scars and Wounds

There are also Pre- & Probiotics supplements available to purchase on the market. I will have the link of the ones I use in the next post. Happy Sunday lovelies & Thanks for stopping by.

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