Hello and welcome lovelies! Here is a post on how to naturally prevent sunburn by rebuilding or building our body’s melanin base.

“A person has to be like a flower, open to the Sun in order to take in its energy, only this is capable of bringing the flower to fruition. The mind of a person has to turn the sunlight…. If a person takes in the Sunlight, life unfolds correctly on its own”. – Beinsa Douno

First, we need to start slowly and gradually build up surely with increasing the time. Start sunbathing in the spring depending on your location may help you create a protective tan with phased-in exposure. Melanin is the tanned-skin pigment when produced in the spring aid to prevent sunburn in the summer. Melanin is our ancient biological mechanism of photoprotection that is designed exclusively to support our relationship with the sun.Melanin in our skin transforms 99.9 % of absorbed UV radiation into heat that is easily dissipated, which allow us to sidestep radiation damages that contribute to cell damages. What is more effective than sunscreen is rebuilding your body’s melanin base that further enhances the health of many body systems. Sunbathing Vitamin D post on natural vitamin D.9The D Minder app: is an app that calculates your geographic location, current cloud cover and time of the year to let you know how long to bask in the sun’s rays and how much vitamin D will be generated that day. This for me is a must-have app. Get the app here The dosage depends on the condition of your skin and your natural skin pigmentation.The alter of sunshine, is what we ingest determines how our skin responds to sunlight. Skin cells must be strengthened and nourished internally with real food and water to receive the full blessing of interacting with the sun. Our skin responds better to sunlight when it’s well-nourished. Natural, organic sun-ripened food is also far more nutritious to our body and skin.  Our body can create an internal SPF with an antioxidant-rich, colorful rainbow diet of sun-grown superpower food, herbs, and luscious fats brimming with nutrients all contributing to our internal sunscreen.sunlightTomatoes, for example, researchers in the UK have demonstrated a 30 percent increase in sun protection after eating a tomato-rich diet. The key seems to be 16mg of lycopene, the red antioxidant found in tomatoes. Other SPF foods and beverages include but not limited to; pigment-rich, beta-carotene-bursting foods such as watermelon, green tea, turmeric, leafy greens, liquid chlorophyll, and berries and CHOCOLATE, yes! pure, unprocessed, and unadulterated chocolate has fours times the number of phenols and catechins as teas, and these compounds protect the skin against sunburn.The most effective way to prevent sunburn “sun damage” is to have a healthy nutritional diet. The recipe for wrinkle and dark spots is in our current modern malnutrition diet of processed food. Adding to the list are also medications, chlorine, oral contraceptives, antibiotics, and the diuretic action of diet soda and coffee, they all contribute to increasing our sensitivity to the sun. It is important to have a holistic approach, health from within will reflect on our skin.Thanks for stopping and welcome back soon.Love & LightNafsi Botanical  

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