Hello Lovelies and welcome to another to post.As a holistic health enthusiast, I believe what goes into our bodies will reflect on the skin. As an essential item in my kitchen, I strongly believe that you will fall in love with this herb as I have, it might take time, but give it a try and experience the wonderful benefits.Fennel- Foeniculum Uvlgare it is a plant of the same family – Umbelliferae it is originated from the Mediterranean and grows wild in many parts of Europe. It is one of the essential items I have in my kitchen given its many amazing benefits for female.Fennel seed has been widely used as a carminative to improve digestion. It is a moist, oily herb lessens dryness and flatulence. Fennel seed has amazing benefits for both male and female but I believe it is greatest for Us Queens. It has antispasmodic properties and is specific for colic, it thins unhealthy mucus and improves the secretion and health of the fluids. It is also beneficial for the lungs “ as its relief of pain and release of mucus in stubborn cases of bronchitis are sufficiently well-known.saunfStudy shows: According to European medicine ( Friedrich Husemann and Otto Wolf, 1982, 339) “ Fennel breaks and expels wind; provokes urine and ease its passage; ease pain and breaks the stone in the kidney; stops hiccough; stomach and increase the appetite; cleanses and clears the liver, spleen, and gall, and removes pain in the spleen; cleanses and regulates the blood, promotes the menses and eases the private parts”.Hormone and menstrual cycle.Fennel is one of the plants that has been known for thousands of years for its effects on the female reproductive system. This is due to a plant hormone- a form of estrogen in its structure. It can help to regularize the menstrual cycle, particularly where periods are scanty and painful, with cramping pains. It has been found to reduce the symptoms of pre-menstrual stress, and also the water retention which many women experience before their menstrual cycle is due.fennel-and-fennel-seeds-benefits-1296x728-featureIt is useful at the stage of menopause as it can help reduce the unpleasant symptoms caused by wildly fluctuating hormone level, and it stimulates the production of estrogen by the adrenal glands after the ovaries have stopped functioning.Oestrogen is needed by everyone, both male and female, to maintain muscle tone, the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue, healthy circulation, and strong bones; so maintaining the supply can postpone some of the degenerative effects of aging.Another hormonal effect of Fennel is to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers.large_square_Fennel_Seeds__Ground__closeThe essential oil is distilled from the crushed seed and contains anethol, fenchone, estragol, camphene, and phellandrene.Fennel is a good carminative and digestive remedy, and will quickly give relief from nausea, flatulence, ingestion, colic, and hiccough. The best way I use Fennels for such problems is in the form of tea, which has a tonic effect on the smooth muscle of the intestine, which is valuable in colitis; in some cases of constipation, as it strengthens peristalsis ( the rhythmic contraction of the intestinal muscle moves the partially-digested food mass through the intestines).Fennel has its reputation for decreasing appetite, it is said that the seed used to be carried by Roman soldiers on long marches, to chew when they did not have to stop n cook meal. This may be a possible reason herbalists recommend for weight loss, as it is a good diuretic, which may help some obese people if water retention is a part of their problem. As a diuretic and urinary tract antiseptic, Fennel has been, used in the past for retention of urine, and urinary tract infections. It may have some values in the prevention of kidney stones.Usage:I use Fennel as a Tea, but I most infused overnight and drink the following day. Fennel tea can be taken up to three times a day.Fresh leaf as an addition to your salad.Its essential oil diluted in a carrier oil of your choice for massage oil, and massage affected area. It is a useful oil for the treatment of cellulitis when accumulations of toxic wastes and fluid in the subcutaneous fat produce a characteristic wrinkled appearance, often called “ orange peel skin”As a spice, I gound the seeds and mix with your spices for daily use. Caution: Do not use Fennel for young children ( under the age of 6) as one of it’s active principles ( melanthine) can be toxic to them, although harmless to adults and older children in normal doses. Fennel must not be used by people with epilepsy.Thank you for stopping by and as always;Love & Light.Nafsi Botanical

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