Hello lovelies and welcome to another post about healthy hair maintenance. I hope you find this post helpful.

The journey to healthy hair comes with a lot of struggle for most us, topics such as hair shedding, dandruff , and itchy scalp are come up a lot, whether your crown is natural or not. We all have our struggles, for me, I must able to tackle my issues naturally. 

Today I want to share my holy grail herbal remedy for my mane maintenance that has helped me with these issues. This remedy has become a “ must” for me, as I am big on multipurpose products. This remedy can also be used internally and of course as a hair rinse ( with a little twist). 

What do you need?

This herbal apple cider vinegar hair rinse consists of: 

  • 1 part boiled water
  • 1 part organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) 
  • 1 part nettle dried leaf ( extract is also optional), and horsetail dried leaf also, it is possible to add some other herbs, like green/black teas, 
  • 2  dropper of lavender, rosemary and peppermint ( I use lavender to get the best synergy)

Feel free to try out your own quantity as it befits your need.


Nettle offers amazing health benefits, including a high level of potassium, magnesium, and chlorophyll. They are also an amazing source of iron. I use this herbal tea rinse at the end of my wash-days. 

I infuse my herbs overnight, but it is also possible to let it steep from 15 mins up hours, the longer it steep, the more plant compound you get out of the plant.

1: Blend your herbs of your choice

2: Pour boiling water over herbs and let it step till it cools down ( gets cold) and

4: Add your ACV and let it infuse over night or for 15 mins to some hours. 

5: Once herbs have been infused into the water, strain out herbs prepare to decompose. 

Add your Apple Cider vinegar when it has cooled down.

Add essential oil to the cooled tea for hair rinse after deep-condition and shampoo, apply directly to scalp and hair massage making sure you work it into your roots and down to your tips. It is also possible to add peppermint essential to store in refrigerator for up to 6 months. 

For me personally, I do not rinse out. If you wish to rinse out, let it for up to 40 mins and rinse with cool water. 

For external use, the essential oil are not needed. 

For struggle with oily hair, trying out this infusion for hair with its astringent properties will help combat excessive oil and dandruff from roots to tips.

For dry and damaged hair, the soothing properties in this infusion of nettle for hair can calm the scalp while adding a vibrant shine to your hair. 

For hair loss/ thin hair this infusion will stimulate blood flow, balance pH, give hair follicles the nutrients they need and provide fatty acids that are necessary for promoting new hair growth. 

This is a fun remedy, it gives you room to play around. Try it and see what works best for you. 

Other herbs can also be substituted in this recipe depending on their compounds and benefits. 

For oily hair herbs including :bay leaf, burdock root, lemon balm, lavender, thyme to name few

Dry hair: burdock root, comfrey leaf marshmallow root, elder flower and sage

The outer layer of the hair shaft, which is also called the cuticle is comprised of tightly packed, overlapping scales. The acids mantle which is a slightly acidic film that maintains and protect our hair, helps these scales lie flat so that our hair is shiny, easy to detangle, and also protect moisture loss. The acid mantle typically has a pH of around 4.5-5, which safeguards the scalp from fungal, and bacterial growth. Unfortunately, many shampoo  hair products disrupt this our natural acidic pH. 

Apple cider Vinegar rinses bring us back to the proper pH, which not only makes out hair look healthier, but also creates a hostile environment for the bacteria that is so often behind chronic scalp issues and also help lock in moisture. 

ACV rinses other benefits

  • Define curl pattern, detangle & reduce frizz
  • Decrease build up by gently exfoliating dead cells and residue from the hair shaft
  • Stimulate the scalp ( vinegar’s tonic action help promotes blood circulation)
  • Decrease dandruff via antifungal properties. 

Horsetail provides nutrients directly to the source of hair loss ( the scalp and hair follicles). it has key vitamins including biotin, vitamin C, Niacin, and for hair growth principal ingredient is the mineral silica or silicon. Which strengthens hair strands, as well as nail and bones. Also contains minerals like Iron, Zinc. The mineral silica found in a horsetail plant promote the structural integrity of the hair, it improves its sheen and texture.

Do feel free to like, share and comment. If you give this remedy a try, I will love to hear your feedback. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome back anytime.

Until next post, as always

Love & Light

Nafsi botanical


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