Hello Lovelies and Welcome to another post about Shrinkage and elasticity of textured hair. I have come to a point in my natural hair journey where I actually love my shrinkage, even though it shrinks up to 80 percent of my actual length. I hope that You will find this post helpful.


Black hair in its natural state is prone to considerable fiber shrinkage. Our natural hair’s tendency to draw up tightly and hug the scalp when dry makes it appear much shorter than it truly is. Shrinkage affects all curly-haired people to some extent, but some textured hair types are more affected by hair shrinkage than others.

Hair with a looser, wavier curl pattern may retain more of its natural length when going from wet to dry than naturally coiled o kinky hair.


Kinky natural hair may shrink to half of its length or short, like my hair. Shrinkage is normal, indicate healthy hair and its simply part of our hair’s natural character.

Natural hair is strongest and exhibits its greatest durability. Hair fiber’s strength comes primarily from the extensive disulfide and protein cross-linking rampant throughout the cortex. Black hair properly maintained in its natural state is best able to thrive.


Black hair fibers are elastic, when it is healthy, its ability to stretch and return to its original length many times while resisting breakage.
Elasticity is the ability of the stretching power that allows a comb to move through our hair without the fiber breaking from the contact and pulling. It allows us to smooth and pull our hair black into a ponytail and perform other styling and grooming tasks as necessary. The elasticity of our hair is extremely important, with good elasticity, our hair can withstand tension and bounces back easily after extension. This is also a sign of healthy hair.

The benefit of elasticity which is extensive when our is wet, wet hair is naturally more elastic than dry hair.

  • It improved styling environment it affords textured hair.
  • It reduces the chances of breaking it because adding moisture to the strands relaxes the hydrogen bonds in the cortex so that the hair can be manipulating over a great range of motion.
  • Damp, moist hair is also preferable because wet hair returns to its original length after stretching faster than dry hair that has encountered the same level of tension.
  • Our hair elasticity is balanced and supported by its inner protein structure, and both characteristics work hand in hand to prevent premature breakage of the hair fiber.

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Love & Light

Nafsi Botanical


  1. I’ve been natural for about six years and you are right on the money! It’s definitely a learning journey but once you get it, you got it. My hair is the healthiest and strongest it’s ever been in my life!


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