Does your hair seem to lack moisture or have difficulty absorbing hair products? Sometimes our natural hair and scalp need a little extra love. Hair steaming is a simple way to remedy these issues.

What is Hair Steaming?
Hair steaming is the process of using moist heat to help open up the hair follicles and pores on your scalp to allow better absorption of moisture. Black/textured hair is always being exposed to the natural elements, and it often leads to dry and brittle hair, which can increase breakage. Steaming your hair helps moisture to deeply penetrate your hair.

How does it work?
Steaming uses moist heat to create a kind of greenhouse effect on your hair. Steaming the hair creates a humid environment that is optimal for the absorption of moisture, and it comes with a number of other benefits. When you steam your hair you are creating a humid environment that is just right for moisturizing as opposed to the natural dry air all around us. Especially during the winter time, steaming helps to replenish what may have been sucked out during our everyday routines. Hair steaming doesn’t have to be time-consuming or done every day, but you will start to see huge differences and benefits in your hair with this extra step.

Hair streaming benefits:

Increases moisture retention: for me, moisture retention is a major deal in my natural hair journey. Retaining moisture is crucial for healthy hair and styling such as twist outs, Bantu knot outs, roller set, etc. When your hair has moisture you are able to obtain and KEEP definition.

Enhanced curls: If you are looking for loads of definitions, the increase in moisture retention will also help to reshape and boost your curls. It will not change your hair texture if done for the correct amount of time- no more than thirty minutes to 45 minutes.

Strengthening hair: Steaming your hair helps create stronger strands that are more “elastic”. The elasticity of your hair will help you keep an eye on the health of your hair, this means is that your curls snap back to their original state after they are stretched.

Breakage: Steaming reduces breakage by increasingmoisture and aiding in better penetration of deep treatments which leads to stronger healthier hair.

Easy flat ironing: like with other fibres, steam helps to straighten hair easier which exposes your hair to less heat.

Refresh/Rejuvenate: living in Norway our weather gets very crazy as we enter the fall/winter months. In one day you can have an extremely humid rainy and freezing cold day. With variety like that, steaming allows a session of moisturization without having to re-wet my entire head.

Opens the cuticle of the hair: this may be the best and most important part of steaming because you can steam for different purposes you will be able to lift and open the hair cuticle for varies reasons as well. For example, steaming your hair during deep conditioning treatment, allows more of the conditioner to get into the strands of the hair. With the cuticle opened from the warm vapor being placed on it, your hair is getting more nutrients than it would have if you just tried to simply refresh your curls or style by adding the conditioner. I love the fact that the steamer allows for all the great benefits from a hair product to get into the hair cuticles before I rinse it off.

Hair growth: Steaming increases blood flow into the scalp which may lead to increased hair growth.

The ones that I use:

Hot Head microwaveable deep conditioning heat cap black owned, is one that I have been using for three years now, and it still work perfectly. It is very easy and fast on the go, I use it for my deep conditioner once a week and they also ship to Norway.

I also have the 2 in 1 hair and facial steamer that I use once a month, essepcially when I do clay washs. It is a bit expensive but works reaaly well. I couldn’t find the link to the one I got from Amazon, but here is another link, they shape to Norway as well.

Thank you for stopping by. Please, share, like and comment. Welcome back anytime and as always;

Love & Light

Nafsi Botanicals

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