Hello & welcome!This is the last post on Skin types, in the HEALTHY SKIN SERIES, we will be going into skin conditions next. But firstly, where is the Dry skin post. Hope you learn a thing a two.Dry skin develops as a result of under-active sebaceous glands. Dry skin, while hereditary like oily skin, is … Continue reading DRY SKIN TYPE


Hello Lovelies, Happy New Year everyone :)Welcome to the first post of 2019. I am looking forward to what this year has in store, may it bring us nothing but joy and laughter.Oily skin type is a condition that develops due to overactive sebaceous glands. This activity is controlled by the androgen, or masculine and … Continue reading OILY SKIN TYPE​


Hello Lovelies & welcome to another post on skin types. :)Normal skin type:Normal skin has perfect hydration, muscle tone, and resilience produced by moisture and the adipose tissues. There is strong biological activity at the basal layer, blood circulation is active, and the metabolism is balanced. This Skin type is actually on my wish list lol.Normal … Continue reading NORMAL SKIN TYPE


Hello Lovelies and welcome to a new read. Skin types and skin conditions is a topic that I always misunderstood in my earlier years. I thought it was all the same, I mean, an unhealthy is an unhealthy skin, right?The key component to healthy skin is the identification of skin types and conditions, this for me is key … Continue reading SKIN TYPES & SKIN CONDITIONS