Greetings & Welcome 🙂I  am starting a new series on skin health and Cosmetics, that I hope will be helpful to someone and guide to a Healthy skin. As I have struggled with some skin problems through the years, these are things I wish I knew back then.We will begin with the different functions of the skin, followed by skin structure, skin type, and conditions, how products penetration into the skin etc. I hope you enjoy.

”The glow and energy of the healthy woman is the ultimate beauty, the only beauty that will last” – Jane Fonda

The skin is a complex and multipurpose organ. It is the body’s largest organ and it performs a series of key functions resulting from multiple chemical and physical reactions that take place within it. Entirely fresh blood, skin and organ cells are renewed every 28 days ( moon cycle). Healthy cells are essential to resplendent skin, we need a good balance of water, oxygen, and nutrients to make that possible. The skin is a living, breathing, communicating, and regenerating tissue. it is important that we understand that It is our largest organ of elimination, secreting out sweat and sebum while keeping out infectious invaders ( protects). 


The skin is a barrier, protecting the body from the elements, injury, and oxidation, maintain a constant body temperature by helping the body adapt to different ambient temperature and atmospheric conditions through regulation of moisture loss, it gathers sensory information and plays an active role in the immune system, protecting from disease.

The skin also protects internal organs from exposure to oxygen, without the skin, the body’s organs would rapidly oxidize. Through the secretion of sweat and sebum, the skin performs an excretory function, eliminating a number of harmful substances resulting from the metabolic activities of the intestine and the liver. The skin also secretes hormones and enzymes.The skin is a sensory organ a point of receptivity for cold, heat and pain because large number ends in the skin.SkinCOSMETIC PRODUCTS & SKIN HEALTH:Cosmetic products are very important to the skin’s protective function. Like sunscreens protect against UV radiation and therefore against premature skin aging and skin cancer. Creams and lotions with a bactericidal effect reduce and or control the excessive proliferation of bacteria on the skin. There are problems particularly associated with oily skin, and one of the causes of acne development. Cosmetic products are meant to assist in restoring its balance and beauty; to do so, they must, however, have the ingredient(s) that works in conjunction with the skin’s very complex structure. When the skin’s chemistry and chemical composition are not compatible with a particular product’s ingredient (s), the result is overall product sensitivity and even allergic reactions.4920B4B000000578-5380351-image-a-17_1518426319553HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING OF SKIN HEALTH:The skin and its condition are governed by a number of internal body functions, such as skin oiliness arise from oil glands hyperactivity, or that pigmentation problems are due to the tyrosinase enzyme and are regulated by hormonal functions. ( More these topic later).Based on the relationship between the skin and the body ( holistic health), for the skin to look its best, there is a need for overall health through proper nutrition, exercise and rest, yes, sleep is very essential. When the body performs in perfect harmony, the result is a beautiful, glowing, healthy complexion. If the skin is not in harmony it could be because of deterioration due to age, sun damage, bacterial, infection, hyperkeratinization (is a disorder of the cells lining the inside of a hair follicle. It is the normal function of these cells to detach or slough off from the skin lining at normal intervals),or simply loss of natural moisture. Cosmetic products are meant to assist in restoring its balance and beauty; to do so, they must, however, have the ingredient(s) that works in conjunction with the skin’s very complex structure.What do you know about your skin, What is your skin type or condition? Have you ever had a skin problem?Thanks for reading and We’ll meet again in the next post. Love & LightNafsibotanical

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